Hope that you have an account on https://app.wisernotify.com

Step 1. Just need to install our WordPress plugin on your Woocommece store or WordPress site

Go to add plugin option on your admin panel, 

- Type our plugin name "Wisernotify" & click on "Install."

- accept permission & install that plugin

Step 2. Now go to your plugin section on your admin panel

Click on our plugin name "WiserNotify," Here, you can see one text box that asking to enter API KEY.

 - To get API Key, You need to login on your httts://app.wisernotify.com/login 

 - go to Profile Section (Right side menu) - https://app.wisernotify.com/profile



i. From this section, you can see your API Key. Just need to click & copy it.

Now return to your WordPress panel & Paste that API Key in the text box & click on verify. 

On successful API Key verification, Our plugin will add a pixel script tag inside the head tag at your woo-commerce store or WordPress site. You don't need to do any manual work for the same.

If you are using the woo-commerce store then our plugin will automatically get the last 30 orders from the woo-commerce store & send it to your WiserNotify dashboard account so you can start using that previous data into the notification.

Wait 1 or 2 minutes or at least one visitor on-site.

Then Go to our dashboard & click on my pixel page. Here, On the bottom section,  you can see your Woocommerce or Wordpress store URL. That means the pixel is added successfully.

If it is not working then please perform tasks.

You might face few issues if you are using this plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/wordfence/

or any caching plugin or security plugin.

Here is the solution.

If you are using any cache plugin, please refresh or clear the cache after WiserNotify plugin setup( Once you verify the API key).

If you are using any security plugin, please unblock or whitelist our WiserNotify plugin.

Once you add the correct details, We will fetch the last 30 order data from that WiserNotify API Key that will help us to get real-time subscriber data from Wordpress to WIsernotify.

Still, if it is not working, please connect with us on support@wisernotify.com or our live chat support team. We will help you with the installation process.