After login, You can see the dashboard page.

Here, You can see the notification name & its performance summary.

By default, you will see current days notification performances. You can also see time duration specific performance report by clicking the last 7 days, 30 days  & custom date. Also, you can search for specific notification. Just need to enter the notification name into the search box.

- Here, % showing a comparison in current & previous days' performance.

e.g. if you click on today & you show a 50% count in green color beside unique visitors that means today's unique visitor traffic is 50% high compare to yesterday's traffic.

Even you can see more details about any notification performance by clicking on the "Analytic " icon.


- We are showing below the data point & its stats. Also, You can see day-wise data too by hovering on the graph.

Engaged: The number of unique visitors who seen at one notification

Visitor: Number of unique visitors who visited your websites

Impression: How many times a notification impression happens on your site.

: How many visitors hover your notification

Clicks: How-many clicked happens on your notifications

CTR:  A ratio shows how often visitors who see this notification & end up clicking on it.  

ER:  A ratio shows=ing how often visitors who engaged(hovered) with notification.