Step 1 

1. Click on My Pixel button

2. Click and copy the Pixel code inside Install Your Pixel section.  


Step 2

Login with Podia

1. Click on your podia username

2. Click on Store settings

Step 3

- Inside store settings

1. Click on the General tab

2. Custom tracking code > Website tracking code box Paste pixel code here.

3. Click on the Save changes button.

Note: This pixel script tag is required on every page wherever you want to track visitor activities, capture form submit events & display notifications.

Now, visit your site & reload or refresh it. 

After that, return to WiserNotify panel & recheck the install pixel page & Wait for 5 seconds; it should show pixel detected popup. If not, then click on the verify my pixel button. It should display if installed correctly.

Still, please connect with us on or our live chat support team. If it is not working, We will help you with this process.