Step 1

- Navigate to WiserNotify > Facebook Integration.

- Click on the Connect button.

- Click on Add New 

- Click on Continue as [Facebook User Name]

- Select the Instagram business pages

- Now, you can see the Facebook page list. Here, you have to select the Facebook pages, which are connected with your Instagram Business accounts. It is required.

- Click the Done button 

-  Click the OK button.

- Once click on "OK", We will add your Facebook account & redirect you to the integration list.

- Now here you can see "installed" & "connected" status in the Instagram box. please click on the Connected button.

Step2: In the popup box, you can see your Facebook profile name. 

- Click on the "Add Page" button then click on the page name and it will get linked with WiserNotify.

- Now, you can see your Instagram page name  & follower count.

Please connect with us on or do chat with the support team if it is not working. We will help you in this integration process.