You can select the Ask widget for your Website. This will allow your viewers to question you directly and state their issues. You can check them on your Ask Me without any hassle. To enable the same, follow the procedure stated: 

1. Go to Widget>Collector>Ask

2. Put down your Website URL, where you want the notification to be displayed 

3. Click on create & customize to confirm 

  •  You can change notification text (text to be displayed in your notification) from this section:

is a link to understand all the below design options in detail.

You can configure click action, that helps to set your desired call-to-action on the notification.

Please visit the below links to understand how these options works.

  • To know about the CTA label & link, Please visit this link.
  • For the Close icon, Please visit this link.

You can configure when you want to trigger this notification display based on visitor behaviors.

Please visit this link to know more about below four behavior rules.

1) Here, you can use your API URL where you want to receive the data if visitors submit the form.

2) Enter your Email address to receive submitted data via email  

4. After completing all the customization, click on Finish, to complete the setup

5. When you click on "Yes, Make it ON," it will start displaying the notifications based on the conditions you placed. 

If it is not working, please connect with us on or do chat with the support team. We will help you to make it live.