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GDPR is a General Data Protection Regulation. Keep this service on to make your visitors know that you are tracking their details. 

Ask for cookies, local storage & tracking permission :

If this option is ON, we request the visitor to accept or reject cookies notification. If the visitor clicks on accept, we store cookies & use browser-side local storage for caching purpose & starts tracking visitor' behavior on the website & show others visitors activities into the notification. If the visitor clicks on reject, we don't load our tracking part of the script tag & don't track his/her activities & don't show the notification.

This option allows you to link your privac

Track IP & GEO location:

If this option is Off, We don't store visitors' IP addresses into our database & even we don't track the GEO location. The result is that We will not be able to generate Map & show into the notification, so please do take care & apply the required setting in the notification design part.

Capture visitor email id:

If this option is Off, we don't store the Visitor Email Id when form submit event happens.