Here is How our pixel work on your website.

We are calling our js file when the entire HTML page request serves on the browser side. So it will get loaded at last & after that, it starts calling the API asynchronous way. Never disturb your website speed load time majorly.

Our js & CSS file is already a minified file. Both are loaded when fully HTML gets rendered on the client-side. So when Google bot or any client browser visits your site, first they will get HTML content & lastly, we load our pixel js async away.

This way, it will never block anything on the client-side browser.


Here is all about size & speed.

Please check the below screenshot.  

It is showing transferred data that means the size of pixel.js & CSS file ( Note: Both are loaded once full HTML get render on the client-side( Browser side)

Also, you can see the time: It is avg between 170ms  to 250 ms. 

We are using the CDN network to serve our resources.

Please feel free to ask the questions. We would like to update these documents as per questions so other users know about it.