Step 1

- Go to WiserNotify > Activechat Integration

- Click on the Connect button inside the Activechat box.  

Step 2

1. Enter Name.

2. Click on the Create button.

3. Click on the copy button.


Step 3

Login with Activechat

1. Select your bot.

2. Click on the BOT builder button.

3. Click on Skills.

4. Hover on Integrations.

5. Just drag & drop the JSON.

6. Click on the JSON block.

7. Paste your Endpoint in the URL box.

8. Select the POST method from the drop-down.

- Now you have to set the parameters

9. Click on the Add property button.

10. You can add the parameter name and set its value 

- You can pass other data from there 

- here is the Example data that can be pass

 "un":"john doe",//User Name
 "fn": "john",//First Name
 "ln": "doe",//Last Name
 "e": "", //Email
 "phn": "8569885***",//Phone Number
 "ct": "Mumbai", //City
 "st": "Maharashtra", //State
 "cn": "India", //Country

- Done.

Please do the test by adding new data & visit the WiserNotify Dashboard - Data page. Here, You can see all the captured/ received data with its source name. 

Still, if it is not working, please connect with us on or do chat with the support team. We will help you in this integration process.